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At Bright Dental Clinic, we are committed to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction in your dental treatment. We believe that dentistry is first and foremost a health service. We pride ourselves in ensuring excellent treatment that is holistic and aimed at your well-being. You can hold confidence that we not only use the best materials for your dental services, but also the latest state-of-the-art technology. Come into Bright Dental Clinic for a full examination, or just to chat. We speak English, Punjabi, Farsi, and Portuguese!

Along with our high quality care, we are dedicated to providing a soothing environment, with options such as satellite radio, cable television, cozy blankets, special back and neck pillows, and more. Bright Smile is an intimate clinic, which focuses on no more than 2 patients at a time. When you are in our office, you are our priority!

Green Initiative

We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment inside and outside of our clinic. We use a paperless charting system and dispose of biological wastes in Earth-friendly methods. From digital radiographs, computerized forms on tablets, to a thorough recycling program, we minimize our wastes and utilize all materials to our best ability.

Bright Dental Clinic Team

Dr. Jamal Majd / DDS

Dr. Jamal Majd is committed to providing holistic and well-rounded care to all his patients…
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